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It is in members’ interest to include engine and/or chassis numbers to prevent fraud. Advertisements in this section are free to members, unless business orientated, when a nominal charge will be levied at the appropriate rate. The AC Owners’ Club Ltd holds no responsibility for the items or services advertised. These advertisements will appear on the ACOC website by the middle of this month.

A number of sellers have been approached recently by fraudsters posing as potential purchasers. Sellers are cautioned that their internet advertisements reach a wide audience and that they should beware of scam and “phishing” approaches. Under no circumstances should confidential information such as bank account or credit card details be divulged unless there is certainty about a purchaser’s credentials and honesty. When placing your “Market Place” advertisement please make it clear if you do not want it to appear on the ACOC website.

To place an advert in Action please contact Rodney Thomas,

Tel: 01252 792975, E-mail rodney134@btinternet.com

Last updated: 16/10/2017



AC 289 coil sprung Cobra, COB 6115, PPE 20E, rebuild near completed. Ex Billy Walker, full history, original wires, showroom spec., for sale unfinished, little work needed, Peter Knight engine, original block, incl. damaged race car, title plus parts from COX 6130 incl., e mail for details, appointment necessary,

Also Bristol 100D engine, 12 port Barwell head ex Paul Fletcher Ace, triple twin choke 40 DCM Webers, fully rebuilt with new crank, rods etc. little used, last new block from AC stores, dyno tested to 180 bhp plus.

Also Bristol engines BS1 Mk 3 ex Cooper, BS 1A ex ERA/Bristol cars and BS1A SC ex Cliff Davis, BS1 MK 3A ex Wharton,,all with history and rebuilt or prepared for final assembly. Bristol 12 port head with Le Mans crank and rods etc. New original 7 core plug block.

Bristol FNS C/R gearbox ex Gerard, Bristol BWCR 7 gearbox and Bristol BWCR11 overdrive gearbox all rebuilt. Other parts and gearboxes, block etc.

Please call with your requirements.
jonathanbradburn@btopenworld.com  or telephone  01624 803052. www.jbradburn.co.uk

AC spares. Many parts in stock. Please contact Brian Eacott,
12 Lockwood Way, Chessington, Surrey KT9 1XF
Tel/fax 020 8397 8472 (24 hour answer service), mobile 07885 945193

Repairs / Servicing:

AC engine overhauls, water jacket replacements, oil seal conversions

Spares: Fast road and sports camshafts, uprated rocker shafts and rockers, valves and guides, chains and tensioners, adjustable chainwheels, various pistons, cross-shaft assemblies, gaskets and seals, traditional and uprated oil pumps, crankshaft skew gears and rear hubs, reconditioned distributors and water pumps, remote oil filters, clutches, nuts, bolts, studs. Loads of used spares.
Splined PVT hubs
Contact Rod Briggs, telephone 01458 273476
email: acrod@tiscali.co.uk 
website:  www.ac-6.co.uk

Members & Private

1949 Buckland, Reg: MRO 353, stored for decades, and was working last summer but overheated. £20,000 to enthusiast only. Plenty of spares included.
Full details please contact Harry telephone or e-mail hw24499@gmail.com telephone 07794 539891.

1955 Aceca Reg: WPG7, chassis No AE512, Ford 2.6 w/c Raymond Mays head and overdrive, fully restored in 1990, circa 28k miles since. If you are seriously interested, pleases contact Glenn Burnage for a fuller description and photos etc.
Telephone 07966 284689 or at glenn_burnage@tiscali.co.uk.



Pair of late 1930s drophead coupe doors (quarter light type) £100 the pair.
One original tilting front seat in red leather (tatty but serviceable), £100.
One original period brass "Nesthill" hand pump for inflating pneumatic seat cushions, £50.
Pair of rear quarter chrome bumper sections, £60 the pair.
Please telephone Brian Moss on 01625-861728, or e-mail:brian.moss49@btinternet.com

Ace / Aceca Parts for Sale:
Aluminium radiator complete with electric fan for Bristol engine
Original steel radiator
Steel Aceca fuel tank
Bristol engine anti-rock bracket
Bristol gear box clutch slave cylinder bracket
Wind town horns
Wiper motors-single and two speed
Switches for the above
Bristol distributor and caps
Please contact David Whitehouse 07836 752650, or e-mail: d_whitehouse@hotmail.com

For Ace or Aceca: Four used Avon Turbospeed 165 x 16 tyres with tubes, all with more than 4mm tread. £20 each.
Collect from Mayfield, East Sussex or courier delivery could be arranged at cost.
Please contact Brian Horwood, e-mail: brian.horwood@btinternet.com or telephone.

Parts Wanted:

PSpare PVT "knock on" wheel spinners, any condition considered. Please telephone 01625 861728, or e-mail: brian.moss49@btinternet.com

Required for finishing the restoration of an Ace Bristol:
Vokes Guildford Air Cleaners.
4 x Chrome Overriders.
Please contact Piers Edwards telephone 07798 681 576 or e-mail piers@piersjames.com

Publications: Following a bequest from the late Keith Judd of AC Cars Ltd the Club have the following for sale:

3000ME original handbooks – 15 available at £50 each plus postage.

Copies of ACtion £2 each + postage

1984 July
1985 2 x May
1986 March, May, August, 2 x September, October, November, December
1987 February - December
1988 February, May – December
1989 February, April - December
1990 February - December
1991 February, April-December
1992 February, March, May, July, September, November, December
1993 January, June - October
1994 February - May, July - December
1995 February - July, September, November, December
1996 February - December
1997 February - May, July - December
1998 February, September - December
1999 February - May, July - December
2011 February, April - December
2012 June, July, September, October, November
2013 January - November
2014 January - September

Annual Reviews at £3 each + Postage
1999 – 50th Anniversary

Please contact Brian Gilbart-Smith, telephone 0118 932 1400,



Greyhound Rear Windows

We now have half a dozen of these in stock, four clear as original and two slightly tinted. 

Some are already spoken for so please contact me if you would like one to replace your crazy old one, or just to keep on the shelf for when you need it.

The last batch sold quickly and there may not be another chance!

Prices are £350 for the clear ones and £375 for the tinted, with delivery by arrangement

John Goose

01799 523202



Ace Over Rider Brackets

Further to assisting numerous ACOC members with the supply of Ace Over Rider Brackets, I have had a jig fabricated and produced a batch of 24 units.

Accurate copy of original unit pre drilled ready for fine fettling and painting. £16.00 each or special offer of £15.00 each for set of four. Plus post and packing. (1.35 Kg for pack of 4 units)

Keith Lessiter.

e-mail: keith.lessiter@gmail.com  Telephone: 07809 251333

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